Saturday, November 7, 2009

360 sky matte painting

These are three 360 degree paintings for two EA games.  The images are only 256 x 2048 pixels.  At first I was painting at double resolution but once we were iterating in game I began iterating one to one.  It was difficult going from film matte painting to working in games, it forced me to aim for a great image working with a low resolution image. A lot of impressionistic "down at the pixel level" painting (the contrail was made with a one pixel brush).
Above shows how I started a painting for a camera move first I took screen
grabs of entire move, you end up with a strange shaped image. Then sketched out perspective.( a tool was written later that would spit out a giant shape stitched together that was a bit quicker).Below is a different shot but shows a more finished image also with a similar camera move.