Wednesday, May 19, 2010

EA Skate 3 Concept Art for Urban Spillway and Central Plaza

Above are two concepts for an urban spillway. The idea
was to create most skateboarding gameplay possible. Many real cities use drainage areas as parkways
for pedestrians. It makes the virtual downtown in 
Skate 3 unique, and gives it a modern feel. Below is a screenshot of the final urban spillway in downtown Port Carverton.

Branching off of the spillway are different lots of the downtown.Below are some rough planning sketches for the central plaza. I had about 10 days max to design each lot, it was a lot of quick sketches and on the fly meetings with producers & designers. Many of the lots in Skate 3 had specific modeling schedules, a modeler may have seven days or less to model gameplay for each lot. If the design was too elaborate it could get cut and if not elaborate enough would be a boring location so was a tight target to hit each time. Often I was working on two locations at a time. So paying attention to the clock and working close with game designers as well as constant communication made the design of Skate 3 a success.